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Democrats and Leftists « Miscellaneous Memorandums

Democrats and Leftists « Miscellaneous Memorandums

Democrats and Leftists

So, all you democrats and leftists have a problem with the President, the war, and just about anything else that Bush has had his hand in.  So what are your answers to the problems that we face.  You know answers…solutions.  I haven’t heard anything feasible or even worth listening to.  “Bush sucks…Bush is running this country into the ground…Bush is responsible for high gas prices…Bush is responsible for global warming…Bush is responsible for an illegitimate war…  Blah blah blah.  So what is your solution.  I have heard enough complaining by all parties,  what is your damn solution?  We don’t just pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have a lot at stake over there.

We have no business intervening in the affairs of other countries.  Period.

Here is my answer…we took the fight to them.  We have not had another attack in the U.S. since 9/11.  Where have they had attacks?  In other countries that don’t have the resolve to stomp terrorists like the cockroaches they are.

We also haven’t had an attack because Timothy McVeigh is no longer around.

Gas prices are high.  Do you know why?  It is because the leftists don’t want to do more drilling here in the U.S. and become more self-reliant.  Global warming, oh my goodness, don’t even get me started on that one.  There is no such thing.  Why don’t you talk to the people up north who pay outrageous prices for heating oil in the winter about global warming.

You’re almost correct.  It is the leftists’ fault for the most part, but mainly because of their push for alternative fuels has stopped gas companies from building refineries.

Oh yeah, Iraq.  Well let’s just say that for some reason, no one remembers the Nazi’s.  We have proof of mass burial sites.  We have proof that Saddam’s military was raping and torturing and killing innocent people.  He invaded Kuwait.  He released poison gas on the Curds.  We have proof that he was aiding and abetting terrorists.  We have proof of all those issues and we did something about it unlike the leftists who seem to think that Americans are the only people that deserve to live fruitful lives free of tyranny.

We have no proof that he was involved in 9/11 or had planned an attack on the United States.

Don’t get me started on Obama either.  He is an appeaser.  He thinks he can talk some sense into the Muslim extremists that would just as soon kill him as talk to him.  He thinks the rest of the world should like us.  Forget that.

What is your plan for peace?  “Kill them all?”

Our founding fathers came over here and started this nation knowing they would not be liked by their home country or its allies.  That is all.

Our forefathers wanted liberty and self-determination.  Both the Democrats and Republicans are stripping us of our rights and liberties every day.  Whether it is something like the “patRIOT Act” that looks more like something written from the Politboro than a freedom-loving legislative branch or the ever expansive layers of bureaucracy, both parties are assassinating American liberties and what it means to be an American.


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What Would Jesus Do?

Maybe it’s just me, but I doubt that the Prince of Peace would favor the war in Iraq. The war is secular on our front, because we are not trying to convert people to Christianity. If we were, it would be unconstitutional because of “church-and-state” issues.

I remember a hymn that used to be sung in churches: “You can tell we are Christians by our love… by our love…” Where has the love gone? Somebody needs to tell the tens of thousands of Iraqis we hav killed that we love them.

Jesus also believed in free will. Those who choose to follow Christianity will more likely walk a spiritual path than those who don’t. The Bible says that being drunk is a sin. More DUI arrests happen in dry counties than in counties that allow drinking.  Just because you make parts of the Bible law does not mean that everybody is going to obey.

As a devout Christian, I think the best way to win people over to Jesus is leading by example.  We have had too many people proclaiming to be Christian but performing some very unchristian acts.  These people have done more to hurt Christianity than any jihad.  It is the unchristian Christians that fuel the hatred that Muslims have towards “Christians.”  The same can be said about the likes of Osama bin Laden distorting Islam as a tool of hatred.

I pray that people get this message and that we can soon live in peace.

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A Fine Day In Gestapolis

As America becomes more like a police state, I feel fortunate that they haven’t overtly violated my rights in a while now. But I see things the Constitution says I shouldn’t be seeing around me. I see wars that Congress did not declare. I see people incarcerated without causing harm to anybody. I see the gouging of wages to pay for more bureaucracy.

I also see the media’s fixation on the two presidential candidates who will offer more of the same to the fine people of Gestapolis. I don’t see coverage on the candidates who want to fix the things I am seeing. As long as there are no tanks roaming the streets of Gestapolis, the sheeple are happy.

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Iraq (and why Democrats are Stupid)

The grassroots Democrats are against the war.  They made a strong showing in 2006 by ousting Republicans out of Congress and the Senate and making themselves the majority party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided not to push through with impeachment hearings for President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.  Maybe lying about oral sex is a graver offense than killing tens of thousands in an illegal war.  (but I doubt it.)

The Democrats voted overwhelmingly to support the Patriot Act and many voted to fund for the war in Iraq.  Where I come from, if you are against something, you do NOT fund it.

Neither Hillary nor Obama will get us out of Iraq soon.  They are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations (an overwhelmingly pro-war organization)  Neither have a viable plan to lower the debt.  Both their proposals will add a minimum of $250 billion in debt every year.  And that’s not including the continuing funding of the war they’re both “against.”

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The Surge (and why Republicans are Stupid)

The surge is going on six months. We are told the surge is working. We are told we should “stay the course.” I ask the following questions:

  • If the surge is so successful, why is it taking so long? Many epic battles have taken less time.
  • If the surge is so successful, why is presumptive Republican candidate John McCain optimistic he can get the troops out of Iraq by 2013?

The war is illegal and unconstitutional. Republicans claim they want “strict Constrictionists” in the courts, but a strict constrictionist would point out that Congress has to formally declare war. Authorization of force is not a declaration of war.

Many Republicans would be in favor of the war if the party leaders were to tell them that teal is a shade of red. They believe all the other lies they have been told.

Our country incurred $3.3 trillion in debt while President Bush worked with a Republican congress. Let’s assume that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost $1 trillion during this period. This leaves $2.3 trillion of deficit spending in six years. Republicans are LYING when they claim to be fiscally conservative. Tax cuts are one thing. Excessive spending without an ounce of fiscal discipline is another.


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Declarations – WSJ.com

Declarations – WSJ.com

Peggy Noonan almost gets it, but not quite…  It all depends on that is meant by “conservatism”.  As more Republicans become “conservative” in the Ron Paul and Robert Taft fashion, it is causing friction with the “conservative” in the Tom DeLay manner.

Washington has distorted the meanings of “conservative” and “liberal” so much, they now mean the opposite.  True traditional conservatives and true traditional liberals agreed on quite a few things (albeit for different reasons.)  Both believe in:

  • non-interventionism
  • ending the “war  on drugs”
  • repealing the “Patriot Act”

Until we have a party take the banner of the above, it will not matter which party you vote for, you will lose.

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