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You Deserve This Depression!

I warned you.  I have been warning you for years.  Instead of listening to me, you decided to vote the way for Republicans and Democrats.  I warned that the spending can not continue.  You opted to vote for Republicans and Democrats because other parties “didn’t have a chance.”  You opted to vote for one of the parties who can’t balance a budget.  You voted for a party that believes that saving the middle class is to write a blank check to financial institutions, only to come back a month later because they need more money.

You voted for this shit.  Eat it.

Fuck you!  You DESERVE this Depression!


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Standing Up to Special Interests

What happened?  Everybody in Washington claims to stand up to special-interest groups, but there are as many groups as ever.  These groups also seem to have more money every year.  If everybody is standing up to special interest groups, then why are they such a big player in Washington?

I would like you to vote Libertarian.  But if you won’t vote Libertarian, do your fellow Americans a favor and vote for anybody BESIDES a Democrat or a Republican.

They will tell you that third party candidates and independents don’t “have a chance.”  Don’t fall for that line!  Democrats and Republicans have had too many chances and both parties have failed.  It is like the “battered spouse syndrome.”  You keep wanting change and they keep telling you change, but they usually don’t.

You can stand up to special interest groups by voting for someone who is not a Democrat or a Republican.  Voting for the two parties is wasting your vote.

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“Half-Ass” Democrats

The Democrats should change the name of their party.  The “One Person – One Vote” mantra reserved for democracies does not apply here.  If you’re a Democratic voter from Florida or Michigan, your vote only counts for half a vote.  That’s not Democratic.

One can make the case that Michigan had to be fixed somehow because many of the Democratic candidates chose to be taken off the ballot when it was announced that Michigan votes would not count.  Florida was different.  Neither candidate campaigned in Florida.  They had equal exposure and Hillary Clinton won in Florida.  Floridian Democrats are being punished because the Republican-majority State House and the Republican-Majority State Senate voted to move the primary dates earlier.  (Much to the chagrin of Democratic Party leader Howard Dean).  I should note that it was signed into law by Charlie Crist, a Republican governor.

Hillary Clinton supporters:   Instead of voting for John McCain  as a protest  to the DNC’s decision, I would like to suggest a vote for Bob Barr.  If you vote for McCain, you would be rewarding the party that shafted the elections in your state.  The Bob Barr of today is different than the Bob Barr that helped impeach former President Bill Clinton.


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Am I Too Mean?

Am I mean when somebody tells me that third party candidates don’t have a chance, I reply with, “You’re part of the problem not part of the solution!”? 

My philosophy on voting is that I vote for the candidate whose views closest match mine.  I believe in voting for the best candidate.  Republicans and Democrats rarely fit this criteria.  I gave Republicans and Democrats a chance in the past and both parties have failed miserably.  I am still waiting for proof that Republicans are fiscally conservative.  And the Democrats sure as hell did a fine job getting us out of Iraq!

I do not believe in voting for the lesser of two evils.  Evil is evil and must be discarded.  I will not vote for a Democrat nor will I vote for a Republican because I love my country and I like sleeping with a clear conscience.

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