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I’d Rather Have Earmarks!

Earmarks are unconstitutional but if there is anything good about them, it is that the monies go back to the communities.  Let’s take a look at what our statist candidates want to do with our money.

Senator McCain wants to send a man to Mars.  I would support his wanting that provided that it was privately funded.  Who knows, he might find some lost relatives there.

Senator Obama wants to increase taxes and keep more money in Washington in socialist programs where the majority of the monies get tied up in bureaucracy with little left for those it was intended to help.

Pork barrel spending is bad enough.  We really need to cut bureaucratic spending by abolishing or privatizing agencies like NASA, NEA, FDA, NIH, and the like.


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A Fine Day In Gestapolis

As America becomes more like a police state, I feel fortunate that they haven’t overtly violated my rights in a while now. But I see things the Constitution says I shouldn’t be seeing around me. I see wars that Congress did not declare. I see people incarcerated without causing harm to anybody. I see the gouging of wages to pay for more bureaucracy.

I also see the media’s fixation on the two presidential candidates who will offer more of the same to the fine people of Gestapolis. I don’t see coverage on the candidates who want to fix the things I am seeing. As long as there are no tanks roaming the streets of Gestapolis, the sheeple are happy.

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A REAL Tax Holiday

Economic Stimulus: YOU deserve a tax holiday! | Kubby for President

I love this proposal. No withholding tax for the rest of 2008. Extra money to stimulate the economy for the rest of 2008. With almost any Libertarian candidate for President, we will have a president who will try to extend the tax holiday for the next 4 years.

Hopefully people will finally get off the assumption that Steve Kubby is just a one-issue candidate. I first heard of Steve Kubby in 1997 when he was running for governor of California. While he is known primarily as a “legalize pot” candidate, he has shown an equal passion for many issues libertarians and LP members are concerned about.



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My Way News – Actor Snipes gets 3 years, apologizes for `costly mistakes’

My Way News – Actor Snipes gets 3 years, apologizes for `costly mistakes’

Why should anybody pay $5,000,000 in taxes?  If we are the land where all are created equal, then shouldn’t all be taxed equal?  Wesley Snipes is a victim of Statism gone awry; as if the state is the rightful owner of the fruits of Wesley Snipe’s labor.

If we are all to be treated equally, then why should Wesley Snipes pay $5,000,000 in taxes and you shouldn’t?  The fact that he should afford it shouldn’t have anything to do with it.  Just as people aren’t charged $10 for a loaf of bread or $100 for a gallon of milk just because they can “afford it.”

Where is the $5,000,000 Wesley Snipes paid going to go?  Most of it will stay in Washington mired in the system of bureaucracy we have been funding.  These agencies have falsely been under the guise of “helping the people.”

The crime isn’t that Wesley Snipes failed to pay $5 million in taxes.  The crime is that Washington has failed to justify a $3.1 trillion budget.

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Why isn’t Anybody Adressing the Debt?

The federal government is currently over $9.3 Trillion in debt. This does not take in consideration the millions of Americans who will retire over the next five years and collect Social Security. The fact that none of the “mainstream” candidates are truly talking about cutting spending. John McCain talks about eliminating pork barrel spending. While I agree with him, it only accounts for 1/2% of the federal budget.

Washington seems to be more concerned with raising revenue than cutting spending. How much more can they really get from an overtaxed nation? We need to limit spending to agencies specifically mentioned in the Constitution and either abolish or privatize everything else. Only then will we see truly responsible fiscal policy.

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