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Standing Up to Special Interests

What happened?  Everybody in Washington claims to stand up to special-interest groups, but there are as many groups as ever.  These groups also seem to have more money every year.  If everybody is standing up to special interest groups, then why are they such a big player in Washington?

I would like you to vote Libertarian.  But if you won’t vote Libertarian, do your fellow Americans a favor and vote for anybody BESIDES a Democrat or a Republican.

They will tell you that third party candidates and independents don’t “have a chance.”  Don’t fall for that line!  Democrats and Republicans have had too many chances and both parties have failed.  It is like the “battered spouse syndrome.”  You keep wanting change and they keep telling you change, but they usually don’t.

You can stand up to special interest groups by voting for someone who is not a Democrat or a Republican.  Voting for the two parties is wasting your vote.


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A Lofty Goal

My goal for the 2008 Election cycle is enormous.  It will take a lot of work, but I am ready to start right now.  I will need a lot of help, but I think it can be done.

My goal is that Democrats and Republicans will have to scramble in 2009 onward to get ballot access.  I think they should have to live by the rules they write.  I want them to sweat and do the grunt work required to get on the ballot.  I want to laugh in their face when they ask me to sign a petition to get them on a ballot.

Here is the plan:  Try to convince people to vote for anybody besides a Republican or a Democrat.  I would prefer Libertarian, but for the purpose of this exercise, a vote for any other party, an independent, or a write-in will do.  Staying at home will not help lower the percentage of votes Democrats and Republicans will get. 

It’s not an easy plan, but I think doing the work now will be easier than going through a John Obama or a Barack McCain presidency. 

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The Two Statist Parties

Republicans and Democrats are both statists.  They both think the government can handle various aspects of your life better than you can.  I haven’t met too many Republican or Democratic elected officials, but not only can they not run your life better than you can, but you are probably running your life better than they are running theirs.

Democrats believe that the government should be responsible for making sure all of their citizens have health care and other social services.  But what they don’t tell you is that 83% of monies allocated for discrectionary social spending goes towards overhead.  Seventeen cents out of every dollar goes towards helping the needy.  If the government was a non-profit agency, the head of the agency would be doing serious jail time for fraud.  I ask the Democrats why they would want to add health care to this mix?  Wouldn’t we all be better off if health care was totally privatized with fewer regulations and lower premiums for malpractice insurance?  Every dollar spent on government is a dollar not spent on reviving the economy.  It’s another dollar that never makes it into your pocket.

Republicans were supposedly against social spending.  Social spending has increased dramatically during the Bush Administration.  The Republicans also feel that the government is the best way to protect ourselves.  We are supposed to feel safer because of all the billions of dollars being pumped into the military industrial complex.  They also feel that taking away some liberties are good (as long as it’s not theirs).  The best way for a citizen to protect him or herself is to arm oneself.  Get rid of the laws on gun restriction.  If Todd Beamer had a gun, there would have been one less plane crash on September 11, 2001.

Libertarianism is about more than pot and prostitution.  It is about leaving the citizens alone as long as a citizen is not interfering with the rights and liberties of another citizen. 


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Mainstream Politics

The Libertarian Party has been the party of “kooks, wackos, and nut-jobs,” because we don’t adhere to the following policies that the Republicans and Democrats do:

  • Running up a $9.4 trillion debt.
  • Going after criminals by stripping the rights of the innocent.
  • Making some substances illegal while having more deadly substances legalized and promoted through the media.
  • Wars against Iraq and Afghanistan after being attacked by Saudi and Egyptian nationals.
  • Spending more into health care and education and getting less out of it.

I must be a nut-job because I don’t like the direction mainstream politics and the two parties have brought us.

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The Surge (and why Republicans are Stupid)

The surge is going on six months. We are told the surge is working. We are told we should “stay the course.” I ask the following questions:

  • If the surge is so successful, why is it taking so long? Many epic battles have taken less time.
  • If the surge is so successful, why is presumptive Republican candidate John McCain optimistic he can get the troops out of Iraq by 2013?

The war is illegal and unconstitutional. Republicans claim they want “strict Constrictionists” in the courts, but a strict constrictionist would point out that Congress has to formally declare war. Authorization of force is not a declaration of war.

Many Republicans would be in favor of the war if the party leaders were to tell them that teal is a shade of red. They believe all the other lies they have been told.

Our country incurred $3.3 trillion in debt while President Bush worked with a Republican congress. Let’s assume that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost $1 trillion during this period. This leaves $2.3 trillion of deficit spending in six years. Republicans are LYING when they claim to be fiscally conservative. Tax cuts are one thing. Excessive spending without an ounce of fiscal discipline is another.


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America’s “Lemmings Mentality” – Vortex of Freedom Radio

“Vortex of Freedom” Radio Show – Saturday 6:00PM Eastern

America’s Lemmings Mentality

People tend to follow their political parties too blindly. They find faults with other parties, yet fail to find their party has the same fatal flaws.

Listen to Vortex of Freedom on internet talk radio

Call-in Number: (347) 215-7969

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Am I Too Mean?

Am I mean when somebody tells me that third party candidates don’t have a chance, I reply with, “You’re part of the problem not part of the solution!”? 

My philosophy on voting is that I vote for the candidate whose views closest match mine.  I believe in voting for the best candidate.  Republicans and Democrats rarely fit this criteria.  I gave Republicans and Democrats a chance in the past and both parties have failed miserably.  I am still waiting for proof that Republicans are fiscally conservative.  And the Democrats sure as hell did a fine job getting us out of Iraq!

I do not believe in voting for the lesser of two evils.  Evil is evil and must be discarded.  I will not vote for a Democrat nor will I vote for a Republican because I love my country and I like sleeping with a clear conscience.

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