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Wake Up, America!

Sometimes the Europeans are correct about Americans.  Take the recent election for example.  In spite of the fact that Congress had a 15% approval rating, an overwhelming majority of House members were able to win reelection.  We tend to suffer from “battered spouse syndrome” when we vote.  While we are able to recognize that Congress is seriously flawed, we deny that our representative is responsible for the ills in Washington.

The time to change the tide is now.  We have to quit electing Democrats and Republicans if we want to restore what made our country great.  I would like to see the third parties get together and join forces in fundrasing.

The sooner the facade that the two corporate parties represent mainstream America is exposed, the sooner we can save our country.


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A Lofty Goal

My goal for the 2008 Election cycle is enormous.  It will take a lot of work, but I am ready to start right now.  I will need a lot of help, but I think it can be done.

My goal is that Democrats and Republicans will have to scramble in 2009 onward to get ballot access.  I think they should have to live by the rules they write.  I want them to sweat and do the grunt work required to get on the ballot.  I want to laugh in their face when they ask me to sign a petition to get them on a ballot.

Here is the plan:  Try to convince people to vote for anybody besides a Republican or a Democrat.  I would prefer Libertarian, but for the purpose of this exercise, a vote for any other party, an independent, or a write-in will do.  Staying at home will not help lower the percentage of votes Democrats and Republicans will get. 

It’s not an easy plan, but I think doing the work now will be easier than going through a John Obama or a Barack McCain presidency. 

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