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The LP’s Exposure Problem

The Libertarian Party has selected Bob Barr as the presidential nominee.  Bob Barr has experienc in Washington and knows how to handle the media.  But does he know how to handle the lack of media?

The threshold of being included in presidential debates is 15% in various polls.  Bob Barr wasn’t reaching 15% when he was included in polls.  Many polls in the last week have not included Barr.  Obama is leading in the polls by an average of 47-44%.  That  leaves 9% for “other” and undecided.  Even if Barr were to receive all of the “other” votes and was somehow able to get all of the undecided votes, it will not get him in the debates.

The first step we have to do is to expose the Democrats and Republicans for what they are and for what they have done.  BOTH have raised the federal debt with out-of-control spending!  BOTH are responsible for the dumbing down of the American education system.  BOTH are responsble for prison overpopulation by writing draconian laws that emprision people who cause no harm to others.  and NEITHER party is talking about the chaos that is the Social Security system and the $53 trillion in unfunded obligations that will have to be paid out.

I have had enough of both parties.  Our candidates have to drive the point home that the Democrats and Republicans are not talking the real issues and bring about a viable plan to fix what has been broken for so long.

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