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Wake Up, America!

If you ever watched presidential debates from the past, one of the things you will notice is that many of the issues they were debating then are being debated today.  The two parties take turns playing “Good Cop, Bad Cop.”  The Democrats play the “good cops” by promising social programs.  The Republicans play “Good Cop” by offering tax cuts.  The two parties take turns playing the “bad cop” with our civil liberties.

Once upon a time, the United States had the best health care and the best education system in the world.  Then government got involved, and we have been in a downward spiral since.  Why has our education and health care systems gotten worse even as we throw more money towards them every year?  The answer is “Human Nature.”  The more one has, the more one wants.  

Another problem is that there is no accountability with government.  Some elected officials get caught in scandals.  Even when they are caught, little is done.  While Americans want to make a politician from an opposing party pay for his or her crimes, we make excuses when our officials fail ethically.

With less than two months until Election Day, the cable news network has been giving extensive coverage to the mainstream presidential candidates.  In spite of the coverage, little is known about their policies.  The media is too fixated on such urgent topics like lipstick on a pig and Obama’s middle name to spend time on the issues affecting America and the plans Obama and McCain plan to offer.  The two parties have stripped many of our liberties and have run up a $10 trillion debt. 

There are alternatives to the stranglehold the Republicans and Democrats have had on our country.  People will tell you that other parties don’t have a chance.  This is no excuse to give the Republicans and Democrats another chance.  Choosing between a Democrat and a Republican is like choosing between cyanide and arsenic as a health supplement.

Another problem is that both parties say one thing and do another.  Republicans claim to be fiscally conservative, but spend more than what is brought in from taxes.  Democrats claim to be against the war, but continue to fund it because they want to look “patriotic”.

The sooner we kick both of these anti-American parties out of Washington, the better chance we have of saving our country.

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The LP’s Exposure Problem

The Libertarian Party has selected Bob Barr as the presidential nominee.  Bob Barr has experienc in Washington and knows how to handle the media.  But does he know how to handle the lack of media?

The threshold of being included in presidential debates is 15% in various polls.  Bob Barr wasn’t reaching 15% when he was included in polls.  Many polls in the last week have not included Barr.  Obama is leading in the polls by an average of 47-44%.  That  leaves 9% for “other” and undecided.  Even if Barr were to receive all of the “other” votes and was somehow able to get all of the undecided votes, it will not get him in the debates.

The first step we have to do is to expose the Democrats and Republicans for what they are and for what they have done.  BOTH have raised the federal debt with out-of-control spending!  BOTH are responsible for the dumbing down of the American education system.  BOTH are responsble for prison overpopulation by writing draconian laws that emprision people who cause no harm to others.  and NEITHER party is talking about the chaos that is the Social Security system and the $53 trillion in unfunded obligations that will have to be paid out.

I have had enough of both parties.  Our candidates have to drive the point home that the Democrats and Republicans are not talking the real issues and bring about a viable plan to fix what has been broken for so long.

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A Fine Day In Gestapolis

As America becomes more like a police state, I feel fortunate that they haven’t overtly violated my rights in a while now. But I see things the Constitution says I shouldn’t be seeing around me. I see wars that Congress did not declare. I see people incarcerated without causing harm to anybody. I see the gouging of wages to pay for more bureaucracy.

I also see the media’s fixation on the two presidential candidates who will offer more of the same to the fine people of Gestapolis. I don’t see coverage on the candidates who want to fix the things I am seeing. As long as there are no tanks roaming the streets of Gestapolis, the sheeple are happy.

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The Silence

I began surfing the web for news about Bob Barr formally being announced the Libertarian Party candidate for president.  There was not mention of it.  It wasn’t mentioned on network TV.  The only mention I saw on the web from a mainstream media source was from Yahoo’s AP wire.

Drudge Report never mentioned it.  In fact, when Bob Barr officially announced he was running on May 11, it was the first mention of the Libertarian Party in any capacity since Harry Browne’s death in March 2006.  Harry Browne’s death was the first mention of libertarianism in any aspect since Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter announced in January 2003 that he was a “libertarian.”

There will be no Libertarian candidates in the Presidential or VP debates unless somehow Barr and Root poll at 15% or higher nationwide.  The most optimistic of the bipartisan pollsters has Barr at 8% in Georgia.

Bob Barr will not have many more opportunities to spread his message to a large mainstream audience.  He will encounter the same barriers that Michael Badnarik did in 2004, Harry Browne did in 1996 and 2000, Andre Marrou did in 1992, and Ron Paul did in 1988.

The one thing Barr has going for him is name recognition.  Over 80% of people polled have heard of him.  More people know who Barr is now than people knew who Ron Paul was in 1988.  While Barr has a lot of negative connotations about him, being a “pot smoker who frequents brothels” is not one of them.  In this aspect, he could be a plus.  Too many people have given libertarians this false label, including myself in the early 1990s.

If there is a curse in running for office in a third party, Bob Barr will soon know what it’s like to be from one of the most powerful members of Congress to somebody as politically relevant as Lenora Fulani.

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