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A Message for Fiscal Conservative Republicans

It is time to leave the Republican Party.  There hasn’t been a fiscally conservative Republican since Warren Harding.  There are few fiscal conservatives in the House and none in the Senate.

Many people think that fiscal conservatism is cutting taxes.  This is partially true.  A fiscal conservative would also limit spending to what is lawfully and constitutionally essential.

The Republican Party is NOT a fiscally conservative party.  They may be somewhat more fiscally conservative than Democrats, but that is like calling an elephant svelt because it isn’t as heavy as a rhinoceros.

There are two options:  Joining a fiscal conservative party like the Libertarian Party or forming your own party.  I would suggest joining the Libertarian Party.  It is already an established party whose platform is consistent with fiscal conservatism.  And if enough fiscal conservatives join the Libertarian Party, the Democrats will have a formidable foe who will stop the excessive taxation and spending Americans have had to endure.



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Wake Up, America!

Sometimes the Europeans are correct about Americans.  Take the recent election for example.  In spite of the fact that Congress had a 15% approval rating, an overwhelming majority of House members were able to win reelection.  We tend to suffer from “battered spouse syndrome” when we vote.  While we are able to recognize that Congress is seriously flawed, we deny that our representative is responsible for the ills in Washington.

The time to change the tide is now.  We have to quit electing Democrats and Republicans if we want to restore what made our country great.  I would like to see the third parties get together and join forces in fundrasing.

The sooner the facade that the two corporate parties represent mainstream America is exposed, the sooner we can save our country.

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“Vortex of Freedom” Radio Show

The radio show returns Saturday 9/20 at 11:00PM Eastern Daylight Time. 

I will review what has happened in politics in the last two months as well as explain my whereabouts. 

Call-in number is 347-215-7969

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The LP’s Exposure Problem

The Libertarian Party has selected Bob Barr as the presidential nominee.  Bob Barr has experienc in Washington and knows how to handle the media.  But does he know how to handle the lack of media?

The threshold of being included in presidential debates is 15% in various polls.  Bob Barr wasn’t reaching 15% when he was included in polls.  Many polls in the last week have not included Barr.  Obama is leading in the polls by an average of 47-44%.  That  leaves 9% for “other” and undecided.  Even if Barr were to receive all of the “other” votes and was somehow able to get all of the undecided votes, it will not get him in the debates.

The first step we have to do is to expose the Democrats and Republicans for what they are and for what they have done.  BOTH have raised the federal debt with out-of-control spending!  BOTH are responsible for the dumbing down of the American education system.  BOTH are responsble for prison overpopulation by writing draconian laws that emprision people who cause no harm to others.  and NEITHER party is talking about the chaos that is the Social Security system and the $53 trillion in unfunded obligations that will have to be paid out.

I have had enough of both parties.  Our candidates have to drive the point home that the Democrats and Republicans are not talking the real issues and bring about a viable plan to fix what has been broken for so long.

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Vortex Guest on “Last Free Voice”

I am honored to be a guest on “Last Free Voice.” Be sure to catch the show tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern. In the meantime, check out their blog.

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A Lofty Goal

My goal for the 2008 Election cycle is enormous.  It will take a lot of work, but I am ready to start right now.  I will need a lot of help, but I think it can be done.

My goal is that Democrats and Republicans will have to scramble in 2009 onward to get ballot access.  I think they should have to live by the rules they write.  I want them to sweat and do the grunt work required to get on the ballot.  I want to laugh in their face when they ask me to sign a petition to get them on a ballot.

Here is the plan:  Try to convince people to vote for anybody besides a Republican or a Democrat.  I would prefer Libertarian, but for the purpose of this exercise, a vote for any other party, an independent, or a write-in will do.  Staying at home will not help lower the percentage of votes Democrats and Republicans will get. 

It’s not an easy plan, but I think doing the work now will be easier than going through a John Obama or a Barack McCain presidency. 

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A Call for Unity

I was as disappointed as anybody about the election results at the LP national convention.  However, after thinking it through,  we must support the Barr/Root ticket.  I can sum up the reason in two words:

Ballot Access

If you’re like me and live in a state where it is very difficult to get the Libertarian Party and its candidates on ballots, you know what I am talking about.  Too much time and money is wasted getting signatures just so we can get candidates on the ballot.  That leaves fewer resources for the candidates themselves.

Fortunately for us, we are not the only party experiencing internal strife.  We are also fortunate that there is a record number of people disenfranchised with BOTH parties.  This is our chance to make something happen.


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