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You Deserve This Depression!

I warned you.  I have been warning you for years.  Instead of listening to me, you decided to vote the way for Republicans and Democrats.  I warned that the spending can not continue.  You opted to vote for Republicans and Democrats because other parties “didn’t have a chance.”  You opted to vote for one of the parties who can’t balance a budget.  You voted for a party that believes that saving the middle class is to write a blank check to financial institutions, only to come back a month later because they need more money.

You voted for this shit.  Eat it.

Fuck you!  You DESERVE this Depression!


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The AIG Debacle – A Precursor to U.S. Federal Budget Woes

When will we learn?  Will we learn at all?

Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, and AIG should be a lesson for us all – too much debt can wipe you out in a bad economy.  They needed major infusions of cash to save themselves. 

The United States is currently running a $10 trillion debt.  Who will save the United States if the government cannot pay off its debts?  What will happen to American sovereignty?  Why is the debt not being addressed by the media nor by the presidential candidates.

We need a balanced budget.  The best way to balance the budget is to cut spending.  Abolish or privatize all non-essential government services.  The government will be fine limiting itself to constitutionally essential functions.


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Iraq (and why Democrats are Stupid)

The grassroots Democrats are against the war.  They made a strong showing in 2006 by ousting Republicans out of Congress and the Senate and making themselves the majority party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided not to push through with impeachment hearings for President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.  Maybe lying about oral sex is a graver offense than killing tens of thousands in an illegal war.  (but I doubt it.)

The Democrats voted overwhelmingly to support the Patriot Act and many voted to fund for the war in Iraq.  Where I come from, if you are against something, you do NOT fund it.

Neither Hillary nor Obama will get us out of Iraq soon.  They are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations (an overwhelmingly pro-war organization)  Neither have a viable plan to lower the debt.  Both their proposals will add a minimum of $250 billion in debt every year.  And that’s not including the continuing funding of the war they’re both “against.”

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The Surge (and why Republicans are Stupid)

The surge is going on six months. We are told the surge is working. We are told we should “stay the course.” I ask the following questions:

  • If the surge is so successful, why is it taking so long? Many epic battles have taken less time.
  • If the surge is so successful, why is presumptive Republican candidate John McCain optimistic he can get the troops out of Iraq by 2013?

The war is illegal and unconstitutional. Republicans claim they want “strict Constrictionists” in the courts, but a strict constrictionist would point out that Congress has to formally declare war. Authorization of force is not a declaration of war.

Many Republicans would be in favor of the war if the party leaders were to tell them that teal is a shade of red. They believe all the other lies they have been told.

Our country incurred $3.3 trillion in debt while President Bush worked with a Republican congress. Let’s assume that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost $1 trillion during this period. This leaves $2.3 trillion of deficit spending in six years. Republicans are LYING when they claim to be fiscally conservative. Tax cuts are one thing. Excessive spending without an ounce of fiscal discipline is another.


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Will Washington EVER Stop Deficit Spending? – “Vortex of Freedom” Radio

Tonight 6:00PM Eastern

The federal debt has risen from $1 trillion in the 1980s to $9 trillion today. Studies have shown that none of the “major” candidates will come close to reversing this trend. How much longer will there be a United States of America if this keeps up?

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Why isn’t Anybody Adressing the Debt?

The federal government is currently over $9.3 Trillion in debt. This does not take in consideration the millions of Americans who will retire over the next five years and collect Social Security. The fact that none of the “mainstream” candidates are truly talking about cutting spending. John McCain talks about eliminating pork barrel spending. While I agree with him, it only accounts for 1/2% of the federal budget.

Washington seems to be more concerned with raising revenue than cutting spending. How much more can they really get from an overtaxed nation? We need to limit spending to agencies specifically mentioned in the Constitution and either abolish or privatize everything else. Only then will we see truly responsible fiscal policy.

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