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You Deserve This Depression!

I warned you.  I have been warning you for years.  Instead of listening to me, you decided to vote the way for Republicans and Democrats.  I warned that the spending can not continue.  You opted to vote for Republicans and Democrats because other parties “didn’t have a chance.”  You opted to vote for one of the parties who can’t balance a budget.  You voted for a party that believes that saving the middle class is to write a blank check to financial institutions, only to come back a month later because they need more money.

You voted for this shit.  Eat it.

Fuck you!  You DESERVE this Depression!


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My Way News – Actor Snipes gets 3 years, apologizes for `costly mistakes’

My Way News – Actor Snipes gets 3 years, apologizes for `costly mistakes’

Why should anybody pay $5,000,000 in taxes?  If we are the land where all are created equal, then shouldn’t all be taxed equal?  Wesley Snipes is a victim of Statism gone awry; as if the state is the rightful owner of the fruits of Wesley Snipe’s labor.

If we are all to be treated equally, then why should Wesley Snipes pay $5,000,000 in taxes and you shouldn’t?  The fact that he should afford it shouldn’t have anything to do with it.  Just as people aren’t charged $10 for a loaf of bread or $100 for a gallon of milk just because they can “afford it.”

Where is the $5,000,000 Wesley Snipes paid going to go?  Most of it will stay in Washington mired in the system of bureaucracy we have been funding.  These agencies have falsely been under the guise of “helping the people.”

The crime isn’t that Wesley Snipes failed to pay $5 million in taxes.  The crime is that Washington has failed to justify a $3.1 trillion budget.

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