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Please Take This Poll

I am conducting a non-scientific poll to see how people who are into politics are thinking about this election.  Although the poll is not totally inclusive, it does include candidates fro the Libertarian, Boston Tea, Green, and Prohibition as well as Ralph Nader.


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Let’s Discuss the Issues

I believe that the more we discuss the issues and the candidates’ records, the more people that neither John McCain nor Barack Obama are worth your vote.  Let’s discuss government spending, the debt, the flux of workers retiring and wanting Social Security, Iraq, immigration, and foreign policy.

Bring it!

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The President’s First Day in Office

The president’s first day in office

I hope whoever becomes our next president follows the steps outlined by the late Harry Browne on January 21, 2009. It would be nice if President Bush got the ball rolling and enacted the plan now.

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McCain Threat to Take Barr’s Conservative Votes

I have to chuckle when Republicans cry that Bob Barr would steal votes away from John McCain. A simple rule about voting: The only vote a candidate deserves is the one cast for him or her.

One could just as easily say that, being Barr is the more conservative of the two, McCain would be stealing conservative votes from Barr.

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