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On Hiatus

Today will be my last day around for a while.  I have a ton of personal issues to take care of including a move back to New York State.  I am hoping to be back around soon, but I do not know when I will be able to get Internet access. 


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Who to Root For?

NEWS RADIO 590 KLBJ – Breaking News Headlines and Video from 590 KLBJ

The Department of Homeland Security was called to an IRS office in Austin, TX to escort IRS employees

from the premises.  The IRS agents were picketing the IRS office over leave time.  Getting leave time has been difficult in recent months.

Rooting for a winner between the IRS and Homeland Security is like choosing between arsenic and cyanide as a health food supplement.

On a more serious note, is picketing such a serious offense that a federal agency like the Department of Homeland Security had to be called in?

Vote Libertarian!

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Mainstream Politics

The Libertarian Party has been the party of “kooks, wackos, and nut-jobs,” because we don’t adhere to the following policies that the Republicans and Democrats do:

  • Running up a $9.4 trillion debt.
  • Going after criminals by stripping the rights of the innocent.
  • Making some substances illegal while having more deadly substances legalized and promoted through the media.
  • Wars against Iraq and Afghanistan after being attacked by Saudi and Egyptian nationals.
  • Spending more into health care and education and getting less out of it.

I must be a nut-job because I don’t like the direction mainstream politics and the two parties have brought us.

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