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Why isn’t Michael Munger Invited to any Debates?

NOTE:  This entry will be updated as information becomes available or changes. US Senate, NC governor candidates take stage 6/21/08

The link is the site to WTVD (ABC 11) In Raleigh.  Write to them and demand that Dr. Munger be invited to debate!


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“Vortex of Freedom Radio” – Michael Munger and Susan Hogarth

“Vortex of Freedom” Radio Show – Saturday 6:00PM Eastern

North Carolina Libertarians

The guests for the show will be NC Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Dr. Michael Munger and LP activist Susan Hogarth. Issues that will be discussed include: The recent LP National Convention in Denver, ballot access, and Michael Munger’s campaign.

Listen to Vortex of Freedom on internet talk radio

Call-in Number: (347) 215-7969

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Ballot Access News » Blog Archive » North Carolina Voters Can Now Register “Libertarian”

Ballot Access News » Blog Archive » North Carolina Voters Can Now Register “Libertarian”

This is certainly great news! Now I won’t have to spend time writing in Libertarian candidates. I’ll stil have to write my name in for some positions.

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