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“Half-Ass” Democrats

The Democrats should change the name of their party.  The “One Person – One Vote” mantra reserved for democracies does not apply here.  If you’re a Democratic voter from Florida or Michigan, your vote only counts for half a vote.  That’s not Democratic.

One can make the case that Michigan had to be fixed somehow because many of the Democratic candidates chose to be taken off the ballot when it was announced that Michigan votes would not count.  Florida was different.  Neither candidate campaigned in Florida.  They had equal exposure and Hillary Clinton won in Florida.  Floridian Democrats are being punished because the Republican-majority State House and the Republican-Majority State Senate voted to move the primary dates earlier.  (Much to the chagrin of Democratic Party leader Howard Dean).  I should note that it was signed into law by Charlie Crist, a Republican governor.

Hillary Clinton supporters:   Instead of voting for John McCain  as a protest  to the DNC’s decision, I would like to suggest a vote for Bob Barr.  If you vote for McCain, you would be rewarding the party that shafted the elections in your state.  The Bob Barr of today is different than the Bob Barr that helped impeach former President Bill Clinton.


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Why I Created “Ahmnodt Heare”

It was shortly after the 1998 North Carolina Primary. The Senate race was to be between incumbent Lauch Faircloth and newcomer John Edwards. Edwards reminded me too much of Bill Clinton and Lauch Faircloth represented everything about the Republican Party that made me leave two years prior. I thought about running myself, but decided against it. I created a fictional character named Ahmnodt Heare.

Ahmnodt Heare had a lot of bad ideas. But he had the ability to demonstrate that the policies of the two parties were just as bad. Massive deficit spending and the “War on Drugs” are encouraged by both parties.

I moved out of North Carolina in June (only to return last year). Ahmnodt Heare went on the shelf as I became more interested in minor parties (most notably the Libertarian Party). I voted for Harry Browne and Michael Badnarik in presidential elections. I voted for state and local Libertarian candidates (and a Green Party candidade when no Libertarian was running).

In February 2007, I found a site called I created a profile named “Maditude.” Although the only parties available at the time were Democratic, Republican, and Independent (I was an “Independent”), the political spectrum among the “candidates” were wide.

There was a lot of good debate, but there was a lot of name calling and dirty fighting. One day I brought Ahmnodt Heare to the site under the name, “YourFuture.” The profile was created to try to break the tension built up in debates. I created his platform on such policies as Life beginning at 40 as the basis of his abortion platform and his social security plan which would allow seniors to eat premium dog food at generic dog food prices.

U4Prez had a strict policy against having more than one profile. For five months, I was able to hide the identity. I made a point not to vote for each other’s profile. One day, I made the mistake of posting something Ahmnodt would say under the “Maditude” profile in a private message. I slipped again and soon everybody knew.

Ahmnodt Heare now has his own Facebook, MySpace, CafePress store, and BlogTalk Radio show. The links to those can be reached from his blog.


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Vortex of Freedom – Live from North Carolina!

“Vortex of Freedom” Radio Show – Saturday 6:00PM Eastern

North Carolina Primary Show – Live from NC

Vortex takes the show on the road and discusses the upcoming Presidential and Gubernatorial primaries with North Carolinians.

Listen to Vortex of Freedom on internet talk radio

Call-in Number: (347) 215-7969

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The Cards are Stacked Against Us

From NBC’s Lauren Appelbaum
While Paul did speak the least during tonight’s debate, he was given the last word, answering the last question of the debate.

Times During Segment Three
Romney: 8:48, during five times
Giuliani: 4:14, during four times
Huckabee: 4:02, during three times
McCain: 3:00, during three times
Paul: 2:57, during two times

Total Times
Romney: 21:11, during 13 times
McCain: 16:00, during 13 times
Giuliani: 13:50, during 11 times
Huckabee: 12:11, during nine times
Paul: 6:31, during six times

Let’s assume that Ron Paul is lunatic, as many pundits claim. Give him equal time so all of America can see him as the “wacko” he is. The problem is that Ron Paul’s message is resonating with many people.

The Republican leadership knows that Ron Paul is viable. There have been allegations of voting irregularities in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Louisiana. (Louisiana held caucuses on Tuesday, but will also hold primaries on Feb. 9)

Ron Paul will not win the Republican nomination. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that people still don’t know who he is. When he gets mentioned, there is no mention on his positions. The only time people get to know his positions is in debates. (Many post-debate polls show that Paul wins the debates handily) The networks know this and this is why he gets the least debate time (if he gets to debate at all i.e. Fox in New Hampshire).

The worst part about Paul not being our next president is that we will very likely get a President who will continue to spend and our debt will soon be insurmountable.

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