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Where is Bob Barr?

“Vortex of Freedom” Radio Show – Saturday 6:00PM Eastern

Where is Bob Barr? Vortex of Freedom will take a look at the Bob Barr campaign and why he isn’t being mentioned anywhere in the mainstream media.

Listen to Vortex of Freedom   on internet talk radio

Call-in Number: (347) 215-7969


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Democrats and Leftists « Miscellaneous Memorandums

Democrats and Leftists « Miscellaneous Memorandums

Democrats and Leftists

So, all you democrats and leftists have a problem with the President, the war, and just about anything else that Bush has had his hand in.  So what are your answers to the problems that we face.  You know answers…solutions.  I haven’t heard anything feasible or even worth listening to.  “Bush sucks…Bush is running this country into the ground…Bush is responsible for high gas prices…Bush is responsible for global warming…Bush is responsible for an illegitimate war…  Blah blah blah.  So what is your solution.  I have heard enough complaining by all parties,  what is your damn solution?  We don’t just pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have a lot at stake over there.

We have no business intervening in the affairs of other countries.  Period.

Here is my answer…we took the fight to them.  We have not had another attack in the U.S. since 9/11.  Where have they had attacks?  In other countries that don’t have the resolve to stomp terrorists like the cockroaches they are.

We also haven’t had an attack because Timothy McVeigh is no longer around.

Gas prices are high.  Do you know why?  It is because the leftists don’t want to do more drilling here in the U.S. and become more self-reliant.  Global warming, oh my goodness, don’t even get me started on that one.  There is no such thing.  Why don’t you talk to the people up north who pay outrageous prices for heating oil in the winter about global warming.

You’re almost correct.  It is the leftists’ fault for the most part, but mainly because of their push for alternative fuels has stopped gas companies from building refineries.

Oh yeah, Iraq.  Well let’s just say that for some reason, no one remembers the Nazi’s.  We have proof of mass burial sites.  We have proof that Saddam’s military was raping and torturing and killing innocent people.  He invaded Kuwait.  He released poison gas on the Curds.  We have proof that he was aiding and abetting terrorists.  We have proof of all those issues and we did something about it unlike the leftists who seem to think that Americans are the only people that deserve to live fruitful lives free of tyranny.

We have no proof that he was involved in 9/11 or had planned an attack on the United States.

Don’t get me started on Obama either.  He is an appeaser.  He thinks he can talk some sense into the Muslim extremists that would just as soon kill him as talk to him.  He thinks the rest of the world should like us.  Forget that.

What is your plan for peace?  “Kill them all?”

Our founding fathers came over here and started this nation knowing they would not be liked by their home country or its allies.  That is all.

Our forefathers wanted liberty and self-determination.  Both the Democrats and Republicans are stripping us of our rights and liberties every day.  Whether it is something like the “patRIOT Act” that looks more like something written from the Politboro than a freedom-loving legislative branch or the ever expansive layers of bureaucracy, both parties are assassinating American liberties and what it means to be an American.

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Today’s Show Rescheduled for Tomorrow

I was ready to host the show when my internet connection went out. My switchboard and my chat room closed up as I was ready to get on the air. The links I needed for material were unavailable. I went on for about 15 minutes before the switchboard popped back up. The switchboard did not work when I needed to click on sound files. It closed back up two minutes later and I have been without internet until now. I will be hosting tomorrow’s show from a cafe with Wi-Fi so this should not be an issue for tomorrow.

“Vortex of Freedom” Radio Show – Sunday 6:00PM Eastern

The Future of America

Does America have a future? Can either John McCain or Barack Obama save us? Or is America’s future doomed? Vortex of Freedom takes a look at the issues and offers his opinion on the mainstream candidates as well as the third party candidates.

Listen to Vortex of Freedom on internet talk radio

Call-in Number: (347) 215-7969

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I’d Rather Have Earmarks!

Earmarks are unconstitutional but if there is anything good about them, it is that the monies go back to the communities.  Let’s take a look at what our statist candidates want to do with our money.

Senator McCain wants to send a man to Mars.  I would support his wanting that provided that it was privately funded.  Who knows, he might find some lost relatives there.

Senator Obama wants to increase taxes and keep more money in Washington in socialist programs where the majority of the monies get tied up in bureaucracy with little left for those it was intended to help.

Pork barrel spending is bad enough.  We really need to cut bureaucratic spending by abolishing or privatizing agencies like NASA, NEA, FDA, NIH, and the like.

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Let’s Discuss the Issues

I believe that the more we discuss the issues and the candidates’ records, the more people that neither John McCain nor Barack Obama are worth your vote.  Let’s discuss government spending, the debt, the flux of workers retiring and wanting Social Security, Iraq, immigration, and foreign policy.

Bring it!

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A Lofty Goal

My goal for the 2008 Election cycle is enormous.  It will take a lot of work, but I am ready to start right now.  I will need a lot of help, but I think it can be done.

My goal is that Democrats and Republicans will have to scramble in 2009 onward to get ballot access.  I think they should have to live by the rules they write.  I want them to sweat and do the grunt work required to get on the ballot.  I want to laugh in their face when they ask me to sign a petition to get them on a ballot.

Here is the plan:  Try to convince people to vote for anybody besides a Republican or a Democrat.  I would prefer Libertarian, but for the purpose of this exercise, a vote for any other party, an independent, or a write-in will do.  Staying at home will not help lower the percentage of votes Democrats and Republicans will get. 

It’s not an easy plan, but I think doing the work now will be easier than going through a John Obama or a Barack McCain presidency. 

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Put Down that Kool-Aid!

If you are an ardent Jim McCain or Barack Jones supporter, you need to put down the Kool-Aid now!  You need to ask these questions to ANYBODY running for president:

  • What is the REAL reason we are in the Middle East?
  • How much money will your budget proposal for FY 2010-2013 cost?
  • Do you support the patRIOT Act and other legislation that looks more like it was written in the Soviet Politboro than a free nation?

Some more fun facts about both candidates:

  • Both senators are responsible for driving up our debt.
  • Neither will get us out of Iraq nor will neither offer a viable plan to reduce the number of troops.
  • Both candidates are fiscally reckless.  (Any brownie points McCain won with his wanting to abolish pork spending he lost by saying that we should put a man on Mars.)
  • Neither candidate has a good record on civil liberties.

The only wasted vote is one casted for either McCain or Obama and expecting change.

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