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Declarations –

Declarations –

Peggy Noonan almost gets it, but not quite…  It all depends on that is meant by “conservatism”.  As more Republicans become “conservative” in the Ron Paul and Robert Taft fashion, it is causing friction with the “conservative” in the Tom DeLay manner.

Washington has distorted the meanings of “conservative” and “liberal” so much, they now mean the opposite.  True traditional conservatives and true traditional liberals agreed on quite a few things (albeit for different reasons.)  Both believe in:

  • non-interventionism
  • ending the “war  on drugs”
  • repealing the “Patriot Act”

Until we have a party take the banner of the above, it will not matter which party you vote for, you will lose.


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McCain Threat to Take Barr’s Conservative Votes

I have to chuckle when Republicans cry that Bob Barr would steal votes away from John McCain. A simple rule about voting: The only vote a candidate deserves is the one cast for him or her.

One could just as easily say that, being Barr is the more conservative of the two, McCain would be stealing conservative votes from Barr.

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