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Sometimes you just gotta laugh.  Otherwise, politics will eat at your soul.  I sometimes write pieces or The Spoof and I have the Ahmnodt Heare for President blog and radio show.   Below is an example of what I wrote for The Spoof. : Al-Qaeda Asks for Congressional Funding funny satire story

Al-Qaeda sent a letter to Congress requesting $2 billion in funds in continuing the war in Iraq. A spokesperson for the terrorist organization said that funds are low and they need the money to help President Bush continue the war.

While none of the Democrats asked would comment, many of the Republicans were delighted that Al-Qaeda wanted to extend the war.

“They need our help,” Congressman Charles Dent (R-PA) said. “The war will not last much longer if only one side has equipment.”

It remains to be clear if the funding will pass Congress, but if passed, President Bush has vowed to sign it.


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