The Supreme Court (Kinda) Gets One Right

The Supreme Court ruled today 5-4 to overrule Washington DC’s ban on handguns.  This is a rare issue where the President and Vice-President openly took opposing sides.  President Bush was hoping for the ban to remain in effect while Vice-President Cheney was in favor of overruling the ban.

While the Supreme Court ruled that the ban on guns were unconstitutional, they did not rule on measures such as gun registration and “No-Gun” zones like at schools.

The ruling also breaks a long streak when the Court ruled in favor of the state in cases of states’ rights against individuals’ rights.



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2 responses to “The Supreme Court (Kinda) Gets One Right

  1. Here’s the problem with executing a child rapist: The punishment, as desestable as it is, does not fit the crime. We are getting away from the clause in the Constitution that states that prohibits the states from administering “cruel and unusual punishment” in criminal (and to an extent, civil) law cases.

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