“Vortex of Freedom Radio – “The Case for Bob Barr”

“Vortex of Freedom” Radio Show – Saturday 6:00PM Eastern

The Case for Bob Barr

While McCain supporters and Obama supporters tell us why not to vote for their mainstream party opponent, Vortex of Freedom will make a case why Bob Barr is the best candidate for President.



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5 responses to ““Vortex of Freedom Radio – “The Case for Bob Barr”

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Anyone would be better than Obama, but thats not saying much for Barr! Have you ever notice how much Obama and Jeremiah Wright talks and acts alike?


  2. I have noticed the similarities between Obama and McCain, too.

  3. Have you gone to the dark side, or is this sarcasm?

  4. Allow me to make my point. I am not supporting Bob Barr because I think he was the best candidate. As I have stated in the past, I was a Steve Kubby supporter.

    Bob Barr is not going to win the election. The primary reason I am supporting Bob Barr is because he can give the downticket candidates a needed boost. There are some damn good radical candidates running for state and local office. This isn’t just about whether Barr will get 1% of the vote, it’s his name recognition helping downticket candidates getting money to run campaigns.

  5. Magnus

    Ron Paul would have been pretty damn close to 100% right for me. But he’s not going to be on the ballot. I could write him in, but it wouldn’t serve any purpose.

    Bob Barr is no Ron Paul. But he’s shown more interest in defending the Constitution than Obama or McCain. I’m undecided right now, but if the election were held today I would vote for Barr.

    When I say “undecided”, it’s between Barr and a write-in for Paul. Obama and McCain aren’t even worth further consideration.

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