Standing Up to Special Interests

What happened?  Everybody in Washington claims to stand up to special-interest groups, but there are as many groups as ever.  These groups also seem to have more money every year.  If everybody is standing up to special interest groups, then why are they such a big player in Washington?

I would like you to vote Libertarian.  But if you won’t vote Libertarian, do your fellow Americans a favor and vote for anybody BESIDES a Democrat or a Republican.

They will tell you that third party candidates and independents don’t “have a chance.”  Don’t fall for that line!  Democrats and Republicans have had too many chances and both parties have failed.  It is like the “battered spouse syndrome.”  You keep wanting change and they keep telling you change, but they usually don’t.

You can stand up to special interest groups by voting for someone who is not a Democrat or a Republican.  Voting for the two parties is wasting your vote.


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