What Would Jesus Do?

Maybe it’s just me, but I doubt that the Prince of Peace would favor the war in Iraq. The war is secular on our front, because we are not trying to convert people to Christianity. If we were, it would be unconstitutional because of “church-and-state” issues.

I remember a hymn that used to be sung in churches: “You can tell we are Christians by our love… by our love…” Where has the love gone? Somebody needs to tell the tens of thousands of Iraqis we hav killed that we love them.

Jesus also believed in free will. Those who choose to follow Christianity will more likely walk a spiritual path than those who don’t. The Bible says that being drunk is a sin. More DUI arrests happen in dry counties than in counties that allow drinking.  Just because you make parts of the Bible law does not mean that everybody is going to obey.

As a devout Christian, I think the best way to win people over to Jesus is leading by example.  We have had too many people proclaiming to be Christian but performing some very unchristian acts.  These people have done more to hurt Christianity than any jihad.  It is the unchristian Christians that fuel the hatred that Muslims have towards “Christians.”  The same can be said about the likes of Osama bin Laden distorting Islam as a tool of hatred.

I pray that people get this message and that we can soon live in peace.


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