Put Down that Kool-Aid!

If you are an ardent Jim McCain or Barack Jones supporter, you need to put down the Kool-Aid now!  You need to ask these questions to ANYBODY running for president:

  • What is the REAL reason we are in the Middle East?
  • How much money will your budget proposal for FY 2010-2013 cost?
  • Do you support the patRIOT Act and other legislation that looks more like it was written in the Soviet Politboro than a free nation?

Some more fun facts about both candidates:

  • Both senators are responsible for driving up our debt.
  • Neither will get us out of Iraq nor will neither offer a viable plan to reduce the number of troops.
  • Both candidates are fiscally reckless.  (Any brownie points McCain won with his wanting to abolish pork spending he lost by saying that we should put a man on Mars.)
  • Neither candidate has a good record on civil liberties.

The only wasted vote is one casted for either McCain or Obama and expecting change.


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