The Two Statist Parties

Republicans and Democrats are both statists.  They both think the government can handle various aspects of your life better than you can.  I haven’t met too many Republican or Democratic elected officials, but not only can they not run your life better than you can, but you are probably running your life better than they are running theirs.

Democrats believe that the government should be responsible for making sure all of their citizens have health care and other social services.  But what they don’t tell you is that 83% of monies allocated for discrectionary social spending goes towards overhead.  Seventeen cents out of every dollar goes towards helping the needy.  If the government was a non-profit agency, the head of the agency would be doing serious jail time for fraud.  I ask the Democrats why they would want to add health care to this mix?  Wouldn’t we all be better off if health care was totally privatized with fewer regulations and lower premiums for malpractice insurance?  Every dollar spent on government is a dollar not spent on reviving the economy.  It’s another dollar that never makes it into your pocket.

Republicans were supposedly against social spending.  Social spending has increased dramatically during the Bush Administration.  The Republicans also feel that the government is the best way to protect ourselves.  We are supposed to feel safer because of all the billions of dollars being pumped into the military industrial complex.  They also feel that taking away some liberties are good (as long as it’s not theirs).  The best way for a citizen to protect him or herself is to arm oneself.  Get rid of the laws on gun restriction.  If Todd Beamer had a gun, there would have been one less plane crash on September 11, 2001.

Libertarianism is about more than pot and prostitution.  It is about leaving the citizens alone as long as a citizen is not interfering with the rights and liberties of another citizen. 



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2 responses to “The Two Statist Parties

  1. chunque

    Yeah, but what happens when you stop running your own life and give away your freedom to addiction? Should you be allowed to smoke pot, drive drunk, and have sex with thirteen-year-olds? When does the state (or the community) have the right to step in?

  2. The state has the right (and obligation) to step in when a person violates another person’s rights and liberties. I believe people should be allowed to smoke pot or drink and drive as long as no damage to person or property results. A person is responsible for one’s actions regardless of mental state.

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