The Downfall of Live Shows

It was a bad day long before the show started.  During the seven-day period when the family is off work, they chose today to clean out the garage.  We started at 10AM and by 5:30 PM, we still weren’t finished.  I quit and got ready for show prep for the 6:00 show.  (I usually like at least two hours for show prep, but it was one of those days)

I log on to my computer, but my ISP connection was shoddy.  I couldn’t load the switchboard.  Most of the pages I wanted to read for the show wouldn’t load.  Fortunately Last Free Voice saved me.  It had plenty of material and updates from the convention.  Special thanks to ElfNinosMom, GE, Paulie, and everybody else blogging.

Showtime and still no switchboard.  I read some of the blog almost verbatim.   I went into a minor rant about why I left the Republican Party.   My switchboard finally came up at approximately 6:15PM.  I had a caller soon after that.

I started feeling sick at approximately 6:30.  I honestly remember most of the show.  I’m too afraid to listen to the archive.  I’ll probably listen to it tomorrow or Monday.


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  1. Glad to know we could be of help! 🙂

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