Why I Created “Ahmnodt Heare”

It was shortly after the 1998 North Carolina Primary. The Senate race was to be between incumbent Lauch Faircloth and newcomer John Edwards. Edwards reminded me too much of Bill Clinton and Lauch Faircloth represented everything about the Republican Party that made me leave two years prior. I thought about running myself, but decided against it. I created a fictional character named Ahmnodt Heare.

Ahmnodt Heare had a lot of bad ideas. But he had the ability to demonstrate that the policies of the two parties were just as bad. Massive deficit spending and the “War on Drugs” are encouraged by both parties.

I moved out of North Carolina in June (only to return last year). Ahmnodt Heare went on the shelf as I became more interested in minor parties (most notably the Libertarian Party). I voted for Harry Browne and Michael Badnarik in presidential elections. I voted for state and local Libertarian candidates (and a Green Party candidade when no Libertarian was running).

In February 2007, I found a site called u4prez.com. I created a profile named “Maditude.” Although the only parties available at the time were Democratic, Republican, and Independent (I was an “Independent”), the political spectrum among the “candidates” were wide.

There was a lot of good debate, but there was a lot of name calling and dirty fighting. One day I brought Ahmnodt Heare to the site under the name, “YourFuture.” The profile was created to try to break the tension built up in debates. I created his platform on such policies as Life beginning at 40 as the basis of his abortion platform and his social security plan which would allow seniors to eat premium dog food at generic dog food prices.

U4Prez had a strict policy against having more than one profile. For five months, I was able to hide the identity. I made a point not to vote for each other’s profile. One day, I made the mistake of posting something Ahmnodt would say under the “Maditude” profile in a private message. I slipped again and soon everybody knew.

Ahmnodt Heare now has his own Facebook, MySpace, CafePress store, and BlogTalk Radio show. The links to those can be reached from his blog.



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2 responses to “Why I Created “Ahmnodt Heare”

  1. You forgot to mention how popular and lovable I have become.

  2. Brilliant Idea! A fictional character running for President.

    Gwendolyn Allen “Google Me” aka Gia2054

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