Iraq (and why Democrats are Stupid)

The grassroots Democrats are against the war.  They made a strong showing in 2006 by ousting Republicans out of Congress and the Senate and making themselves the majority party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided not to push through with impeachment hearings for President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.  Maybe lying about oral sex is a graver offense than killing tens of thousands in an illegal war.  (but I doubt it.)

The Democrats voted overwhelmingly to support the Patriot Act and many voted to fund for the war in Iraq.  Where I come from, if you are against something, you do NOT fund it.

Neither Hillary nor Obama will get us out of Iraq soon.  They are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations (an overwhelmingly pro-war organization)  Neither have a viable plan to lower the debt.  Both their proposals will add a minimum of $250 billion in debt every year.  And that’s not including the continuing funding of the war they’re both “against.”


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